The Water Framework Directive represented a first step towards creating a level of harmonisation in the practices and principles of the European water sector. It was established to set the necessary standards to protect water resources and to promote their efficient employment in order to address sustainability concerns. Water regulators across Europe have a pivotal role in safeguarding the efficiency and sustainability of the industry, and, despite the diversity in national frameworks and regulatory regimes, water regulators have recognised the need to establish a dedicated instrument for cooperation within the European water sector. WAREG was established upon this recognition as a network of economic regulators who have come together to benefit from the sharing of common objectives on specific issues, challenges and conditions within the water sector. 

WAREG is a group of economic regulators who have assembled to learn from each other’s experiences and support the development of the effective regulation of the water and wastewater industry in Europe. It was formally established at a meeting of the initial participants in Milan on 23rd April 2014. 

Today, WAREG has 30 members (25 full members and 5 observers) from European countries who share the following objectives of cooperation: