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3 December 2019
Centro Congressi Fontana di Trevi - Piazza della Pilotta 4 – Rome

Economic regulation of water and wastewater services encompasses a wide range of institutional frameworks and market conditions that differ from country to country in Europe and Worldwide.

In the European Union (EU) there has been a significant evolution towards the rationalization of the sector and the harmonization of practices and principles, by establishing a general framework for common action in water policy, with the aim to protect water resources and promote sustainable and efficient use of water.

Despite substantial differences, European countries are facing similar challenges to their water and wastewater systems, which require new investment due to the deterioration of physical assets, security and quality of drinking water supply, universal access to water, affordability, environmental sustainability and many other factors.

A need to reinforce technical and institutional dialogue among institutions and stakeholders is more and more necessary, in order to balance needs and interests of both customers and industry, without harming the environment and future generations. Innovation and investment can improve accessibility and quality levels of water supply, however any solution offered should aim for cost-efficiency and minimize the potential
economic impact on customers. 

In this context, the role of Regulators is becoming increasingly relevant, to foster cooperation among national, regional and local institutions and to develop transparent, stable and harmonized frameworks, to the benefit of water operators and consumers.

For instance, by increasing confidence and investment readiness of the industry, by reducing gaps in service quality standards throughout the territory, or by creating incentives for utilities to increase their efficiency and pass it on customer bills.

WAREG, the Association of 31 national and regional water Regulatory Agencies ( is strongly engaged in exchanging best regulatory practices and disseminating know-how. Since its establishment in 2014, it has been concerned with establishing dialogue with EU institutions and stakeholders on common challenges for water systems.

It is in this spirit that WAREG wishes to organize the 1st European Forum on the Regulation of Water Services (EFRWS). The Forum will be held in Italy, kindly hosted by ARERA the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment, wich holds the Presidency of WAREG.

The Forum will assess some of the most urgent issues for the sector in Europe and worldwide, such as: water governance, efficiency of water utilities, water regulation for innovation and environmental sustainability, social affordability of tariffs. It will engage some of the main actors in the sector, including: regulators, European institutions, international organizations, academics, industry, financial institutions, others.
Participants will be asked to offer their qualified view on how regulation can contribute to a better water framework in the EU and elsewhere. Best practices and national and regional experiences will be presented.

The event is organized by WAREG with the support of ARERA. 

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