Regulator for Energy and Water Services - REWS (Malta)


Regulatory Model

The Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS) is a public corporate body with regulatory functions regarding services relating to energy and water in the Maltese Islands. It was established by the House of Representatives through Act XXV of 2015.  The Board of the Regulator for Energy and Water Services is composed of a Chairman, Deputy Chairman and three members.

Market Structure

The Water Services Corporation (WSC) was established by Act XXIII, 1991, as the public utility with overall responsibility for water resource management in Malta. The Water Services Corporation is the sole provider of potable water through the public distribution system.  It is also solely responsible for collection and treatment of all wastewater through the public sewerage system. It is regulated through a licence issued under the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Regulations (Legal Notice 525 of 2004), by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services for carrying out such functions.  A number of small operators are also licensed by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services to supply water using water tankers either for potable or secondary uses.

Tariff Setting

The Regulator for Energy and Water Services is responsible to regulate the price structure of water services in Malta. During the review and approval process, the Regulator verifies the information, assumptions and data used by the WSC in its submissions for tariff revisions.
Water tariffs in Malta consist of a fixed service charge and a variable charge based upon actual water consumed. Different tariffs are established for residential and non residential consumers. Vulnerable consumers are further assisted by Government through special subsidies to partially offset the actual water and electricity bills. Water tariffs were last revised with effect from 31st March 2014.

Quality of Service

The quality of the services provided by the Water Services Corporation is monitored and reviewed by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services.

A Customer Contract establishes the rights and responsibilities of customers and the levels of services to be provided by the WSC. The Customer Contract specifies inter alia potable water quality standards, water pressure and flow, standards on continuity and reliability of supply, alternative water supply arrangements; billing and payment facilities and procedures, customer complaints procedures and resolution of disputes.

The Regulator


Legal basis

Act XXV of 2015 – Regulator for Energy and Water Services Act (Chapter 545, Laws of Malta)

Number of employees

35 employees


2.6 million Euros (2016)


REWS – Regulator for Energy and Water Services
Millennia, 2nd Floor,
Aldo Moro Road
Marsa, MRS 9065
Tel: + 356 2295 5000
Fax: + 356 2295 5200
Email:   Website:

Relevant Entities

Office of the Prime Minister - (Energy)

Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change

Ministry for Health

Directorate for Environmental Health

Water Services Corporation

Planning Authority

Environment and Resources Authority


The Sector


Service Coverage

Number of operators

Ownership and management of services

  Ownership Management
  Pub. Priv. Pub. Priv.
Water 100% 0% 100% 0%
Wastewater 100% 0% 100% 0%

Volume of activity (2014)

Economic and financial data (2014)

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