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16 October 2018

WAREG - held its last General Assembly for 2018 on 25 September in Montenegro (Budva) and it reached its 16th meeting. This General Assembly was kindly hosted by the Energy Regulatory Authority (REGAGEN).

The new President of WAREG was nominated, Professor Andrea Guerrini, Commissioner for ARERA, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment. Mr Alberto Biancardi, past President, stepped down.  Professor Guerrini has joined WAREG Board made up by 4 Vice Presidents: Katherine Russell (WICS, Scotland),   Szilvia Szalóki (HEA, Hungary), Anthony Sammut (REWS, Malta)  and   Dimitar Kochkov (EWRC, Bulgaria).

Among a very busy Agenda, WAREG approved the common position on the revision of the Drinking Water Directive underlining the importance of the action of economic regulators and any other authority established at national level, with specific responsibility in measuring the efficiency and the results of the strategies taken in EU Member States to achieve specific objectives, such as for instance to ensure universal access to water, economic affordability of water bills for households and harmonization of information on KPIs in all EU countries. WAREG recognizes that overall the proposal of the new directive is a good step forward, since more attention is paid to quality of drinking water, transparency of its treatment processes and delivery to the customer and the provision of information to the public. WAREG is aware of the importance of transparency and sharing of information to increase consumers’ confidence in drinking water and considers that various tools can strengthen consumers’ confidence in water quality and consumers’ engagement and stakeholder participation in both the legislative and regulatory processes, for example through: raising awareness campaigns,  customers’ education and information campaigns on potable water quality. 

The Assembly started the discussion on the 2019-2021 three-year action plan soon to be approved. One of the main pillars for 2019 will be the benchmarking on regulatory tariffs.

ABAR – Brazilian Regulatory Agencies Association and WAREG signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to exchange good regulatory practices.

WAREG is set to kick off in 2019 with a General Assembly in Dublin, Ireland, January, with the support of Irish Regulator, Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).


WAREG is the Association for European Water Regulators established in 2014 and through support from its Members and Observers became a legal entity based in Milan, Italy in December 2017. WAREG`s key objectives and focus is to exchange common practices within water sectors in Europe, share knowledge and expertise, promote best practice for the stable regulation of the water sector in Europe, and joint analysis or comparison of existing water sector regulatory models as well as the performance of water utilities. WAREG currently has 26 full Members and 5 Observers.

WAREG Members are: ANRE - National Agency for Energy Regulation (Moldova); ANRSC - Romanian Authority for Public Services (Romania); ARERA (Italy); CRU - Commission for Regulation of Utilities (Ireland); ECA - Estonian Competition Authority (Estonia); ERRU - Water Regulatory Authority (Albania); ERSAR - Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority (Portugal); ERSARA - Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority of Azores (Azores / Portugal); EWRC - Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (Bulgaria); GNERC - Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (Georgia); HEA - Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (Hungary); KFST - Competition and Consumer Authority (Denmark); MEDDE - Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition (France); MITECO - Ministry for Ecological Transition (Spain); NCC - National Commission for Energy Control and Prices (Lithuania); NIAUR - Northern Ireland Utility Regulator (Northern Ireland / GB); PSRC - Public Services Regulatory Commission (Armenia); PUC - Public Utilities Commission (Latvia); REGAGEN - Energy Regulatory Agency (Montenegro); REWS - Regulator for Energy and Water Services (Malta); SSW - Special Secretariat for Water (Greece); VMM - Flanders Environment Agency (Flanders / Belgium); VVU - Council for Water Services (Croatia); WICS - Water Industry Commission for Scotland (Scotland / UK); WSRA - Water Services Regulatory Authority of Kosovo (Kosovo).

WAREG Observers are: BRUGEL (Brussels / Belgium Region); Ministry of Environment, Poland; Ministry of Forestry and Water, Turkey; Swedish Water and Wastewater Association (Sweden); OFWAT (England and Wales / GB).

More information: General Assembly, Budva, Montenegro

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