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The Assembly consists of one high level representative of the management of each Member. The Assembly has the responsibility to take decisions and to define the strategic lines of organisational and operational activities of WAREG, including the definition of priority activities, external communication and internal organisation. It is agreed that, under ordinary circumstances, the Assembly meets at least four times per year. Any further extraordinary meetings of the Assembly may be called by any Member. 

The main competencies of the Assembly are the following:

  1. takes decisions and sets out the strategic agenda of WAREG, consistent with the Annual Action Plan;
  2. approves or amends the WAREG annual Work Programmes and Action Plans;
  3. approves new Members and Observers and/or accepts their resignations;
  4. approves protocols and agreements with external bodies and organisations;
  5. decides on the establishment and termination of any WAREG bodies;
  6. elects the President and Vice-President of WAREG;
  7. endorses the nomination of Working Groups' Chairs or Co-Chairs;
  8. endorses reports and studies drawn up by Working Groups and by the Secretariat, as well as their publications for external communication;
  9. approves WAREG’s official position on any issue considered relevant to the scope of WAREG;
  10. determines, approves and modifies the Internal Rules of Association as well as any other budgetary, operative and organisational rules so established;
  11. approves formal joint communications;
  12. dissolves WAREG.

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