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The responsibility of the Secretariat is to support all WAREG bodies. All WAREG Members may participate at Secretariat meetings. The Secretariat has the power to decide on its internal organisational structure and allocation of roles and responsibilities in order to carry out its activities. 

The Secretariat:

  1. ensures the coordination of WAREG activities;
  2. coordinates the organisation of meetings of all WAREG bodies, including drafting the agenda and minutes, and prepares and circulates documents;
  3. moderates Assembly meetings;
  4. coordinates the interaction between the several bodies of WAREG;
  5. drafts the WAREG annual work programme in coordination with the Working Groups' Co-Chairs;
  6. manages internal communication among WAREG members;
  7. prepares WAREG documents to be presented to the Assembly;
  8. prepares common positions to external organisations as may be approved by the Assembly;
  9. executes any other function that may be assigned to it by the Assembly.

The current members of the Secretariat are:

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